News Photos Regarding Anne Hjelle's 2004 Cougar Attack
from ABC7's 05/10/2004 Slideshow and the
05/15/08 LA Times' Victim in O.C. cougar attack refuses to be 'prisoner of the drama'

Anne Hjelle before nerve found and reattached and then the torn away flap put in place by surgeons
Published by Discovery Health via YouTube

Stabilizing Anne Hjelle before repair surgery after cougar attack - Published in The LA Times 05/2008

"Portrait View" - Published in The LA Times 05/2008 

Several days after initial surgery with husband James Poindexter
Published in The LA Times 05/2008

Shocked and exhausted, rock-hurling rescuers supporting Anne's bike - Published in The LA Times 05/2008 Nils Magnuson, 33, on the left | Mike Castellano, 41, on the right - from the photo taken the night of 01/08/2004

Anne's Friends Elaine and Jacke (not present during attack) and Nils Magnuson - Published in The LA Times 05/2008

Still facing more plastic surgery
Anne spoke about her ordeal the following May

Anne Hjelle 5/2004   Anne Hjelle 5/2004
At one point she showed the congregation deep scars on the left side of her face and neck that were made by bites that doctors told her came within millimeters of her spinal cord and carotid artery. "The wounds were extremely severe," she said. "It's an absolute miracle that I'm here today." |Published in's slideshow 05/10/04|

Remember, Anne was wearing a helmet or her wounds might have been fatal despite her friends' valliant efforts to save her. The photo on the left is from an independent site. In the ABC slideshow photo on the right, she is pointing to her worst scar area. Wounds were so extensive that nerve damage was involved.

Below are additional photos from May 2008

Anne Hjelle in 2008 - Published in The LA Times 05/2008

Anne "Back in the Saddle" (followed by 2004 rescuer Debi Nicholls) - Published in The LA Times 05/2008

Victory: Beauty from without and within - Published in The LA Times 05/2008

Click here for a Video recreation of Anne's attack and subsequnt surgeries

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